Sisters in Sober Treatment

Empowered in Recovery, (SISTERS)



Population Served

Women in the San Francisco County Jail System

Key Elements

Substance abuse treatment, counseling, expressive arts, education


To develop the tools needed to live healthy, drug-free lives


SISTERS is an in-custody substance abuse treatment program for incarcerated women run by the San Francisco Sheriff's Department in collaboration with Center Point Inc. This therapeutic community model program provides gender specific treatment for the issues of substance abuse, criminal behavior and reentry.

A variety of educational opportunities are available including: Parenting, Relapse Prevention, Trauma Recovery and Emotion Management. Individual and group counseling are also part of the program. Community collaborators include: Community Works, Five Keys Charter School, S.A.G.E, Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, and others. This program works to empower women to resolve the problems that lead to incarceration. The SISTER staff connects women with services after they leave jail that will help them on the path to reclaiming their lives.