Redefining the way people think about the role of education in restoring communities


Through the use of Social and Restorative Justice Principles, Five Keys provides traditionally underserved communities the opportunity to restart their education with a focus on the Five Keys: EDUCATION, EMPLOYMENT, RECOVERY, FAMILY AND COMMUNITY.


Originally established by the SF Sheriff’s Department (2003) as the first charter school in the nation to operate inside of a county jail, today Five Keys is a charter management (non-profit) corporation that operates three public charter schools within the Sheriff's Department, the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department and 26 community satellite campuses in partnership with the reentry and workforce development community in SF and LA. 

Additionally, through contracts with the San Francisco Mayor's office of Economic and Workforce Development, Five Keys coordinates the education needs of the SF Workforce Development community. Through a contract with the Los Angeles Sheriff's Dept. Five Keys provides all the career technical educational and life skills programs for inmates in the LA county jails.

Statement of Workplace Culture

At Five Keys, we treat all people with respect. We communicate calmly and respectfully with our students and colleagues. We are not concerned with why a student is incarcerated or why a student is utilizing the services of our community partners, but rather we are concerned about where they are in the education process and how we can help them succeed. We have a sense of urgency in meeting the needs of our students. We do not judge our students or colleagues or make assumptions about their backgrounds. We work together cooperatively and professionally for the success of our students. Our students, our colleagues, our community partners and the Sheriff's Department staff are our customers for which we strive to provide the highest level of service at all times.